Unit 11: Intro to Photoshop
Unit 12: Design Accessibility
Unit 13: Product Design Thinking
Unit 14: User Experience Design
Unit 16: Introduction to Design Portfolios
Unit 17: Portfolio Development
Unit 18: Personal Branding
Unit 19: Case Studies
Unit 20: Portfolio Website Design
Unit 21: Career Coaching
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Project: Identify Deceptive Design Patterns Online


Identify deceptive design patterns online which are preferably not the ones mentioned in the course videos. Have you fallen victim to any of these patterns? If so, show the deceptive pattern to us. If not, go down your memory lane, search old files and ask around – what deceptive design patterns can you remember?


When you identify a pattern, screenshot it immediately and add to this assignment.


  1. A document with deceptive design pattern examples and share the link with your instructor next time you meet for a session.
Assignment Submission
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