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Typography Exercise 04: Choose & Applying Fonts to a Website


This is a basic homepage design for a real estate search engine website. To complete this exercise please do the following:

  • Make font selections that feel appropriate for ZapApt by referring to the prompt above the website.
  • Apply your font choices across all typography on the homepage. Utilize the Components in the left hand bar in order to apply fonts to sections with repeated pieces of type hierarchy to make the process quicker and easier. Pieces of individual type may not have a corresponding component.

ZapApt Target Audience Background

  • Demographic: The target audience for ZapApt is adults aged 25-45. This group comprises individuals in the prime of their adult lives, often in the midst of significant life changes, such as starting a family, changing careers, or looking for their dream home.
  • Psychographic: They are opinionated and well-educated, valuing the ability to make informed decisions. They’re technologically savvy, comfortable navigating the digital landscape, and embrace the convenience and efficiency it offers. This group is independent and prefers to take control of their home search, eschewing traditional real estate agents to cut out the middleman.
  • Aesthetic Preferences: This audience is attracted to clean, contemporary websites that exude energy and color harmony. They appreciate modern design principles, intuitive user interfaces, and a visually appealing experience.


  • The design provides a general guide for scale, but feel free to experiment with point size and weight to emphasis hierarchy.
  • You may need to slightly nudge things in the design once you begin applying your new font choices due to size and spacing variations in different fonts.
  • Remember, you will need good reasoning for making the typographic choices to decide on.
  • Refer to the example for help, but do not feel the need to choose fonts that are similar to the example.
  • Be sure to schedule your review session to go over your choices for this exercise and the previous typography exercises.

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