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Font Pairing Tools

Now that you’ve learned the basic principles of pairing fonts, you can also explore a few online tools to help you get inspirations faster.

We do not recommend using these tools without any thinking on your part. Design is a craft that needs to be honed and practice. Consider these tools as resources that you can use as a starting point. They are templates that you will definitely need to customize and not take away and use directly.

There are a few online tools that will help you get the ball rolling with font pairings.

1. Font Joy

This interactive font generator lets you select how much contrast you want between your font pairings—from high contrast, balanced, to very similar typeface combinations. The text is fully editable so you can paste any copy you intend to use, and you can also choose fonts manually to see the best options for pairing!

2. Font Combinations Library

The folks at KK UI Store created this handy library of font combinations using Google Fonts, and compatible with Sketch and Adobe XD. It’s easy to find popular variants and sizes, and play with font type and colors, simplifying the process of making beautiful choices for text-based projects.

3. Font Pair

Font Pair also helps you pair free Google Fonts with an easy click to download button for each combo. You have a ton of options for filtering typeface selections for example Sans-Serif/Serif, Display/Serif, Monospace/Sans-Serif and everything in between. Also enjoy browsing through their extensive collection of featured font pairs!

4. Canva’s Font Combination Generator

Another great font combination generator, Canva’s tool lets you select your desired font, then instantly generates a variety of combination options where you can edit the copy and also see an example of the pair being used in the wild.

5. Mixfont

Created by a team of designers and developers, Mixfont lets you discover and visualize font pairings with their modern font generator. They’ve got over 1000 unique fonts to explore and over 600K pairings! You’ll be sure to find the perfect blend of typefaces for your next project.

6. Typ.io Font Pairing Lists

Typ.io’s font pairing resource mines the data from their nearly 3000 online samples to assemble font pairing inspiration for nearly any kind of design project. Browse through their visuals to see how different typefaces look together in action. Whether you’re looking for a serif header with sans-serif body, or the perfect pair for your Squarespace template, Type.io has got you covered.

7. Google-Type by femmebot

This collaborative, ongoing project offers inspiration for pairing fonts available through Google’s font library. It’s a beautiful landing page that puts fonts to work featuring passages from Æsop’s Fables. A popular resource for web and graphic designers alike, thousands of folks rely on this resource for endless typography inspiration.

8. Typotheque Font Combinator

This interactive tool lets you test different fonts against each other to visualize how they interact. Simply drag and drop fonts from the menu and have fun exploring the endless possibilities! They’ve also got some recommended couplings in case you need an expert’s advice.

9. Typespiration

Typeinpiration is an incredible resource that allows you to filter through a list of curated websites with stunning font combinations and color palettes. Each visual sample displays the fonts and color combinations used, and also the HTML/CSS code which you can cut and paste straight into your website.

10. Adobe Font Packs

Adobe’s Font Packs offer expertly curated groupings of fonts that pair well together and all center around a shared theme—from travel, menu design, 90s flashback, and everything in between. While you’ll need an Adobe Creative Cloud account to access these font groupings, it’s well worth it!

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