Unit 1: Intro to Design
Unit 2: Figma Fundamentals
Unit 3: The Creative Process
Unit 4: Color Theory
Unit 5: Introduction to Illustrator
Unit 6: Typography
Unit 7: Layout
Unit 8: Typesetting
Unit 9: User Interface Design
Unit 10: Design Systems
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Color in Body Typography

When it comes to body typography, or more commonly-known as paragraphs of text, we recommend using neutral colors such as dark gray against light backgrounds.

Body typography benefits from neutral colors because it is usually longer and requires longer concentration to read. It also needs to make space for heading text to “pop” more, which is why we some times see heading text in bolder colors.

One exception is hyperlinks. If you are displaying links within body text, it is perfectly acceptable to use brand colors that are not neutral to differentiate itself from regular body text.

It is also common to have several shades of gray in body typography to distinguish between different typography hierarchy. In this example, we can see the designer using a lighter tint of gray for the secondary heading compared to the heading text. The contrast of color can be very effective in reinforcing the typography hierarchy established primarily with contrast in font sizes.

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