Unit 1: Intro to Design
Unit 2: Figma Fundamentals
Unit 3: The Creative Process
Unit 4: Color Theory
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Typesetting Exercise 03


Please follow the directions carefully. Find the file here.

You are tasked with creating a website section for an Art & Design Bookstore’s website. The section you are designing is the Bestsellers section.

  1. Dissect and break up the provided copy into separate text boxes and identity their points of hierarchy
  2. Begin laying out the text within the grid structure provided
  3. Experiment with different typography styles to create hierarchy and encourage legibility
  4. Once you are happy with your styles, save them as Text Styles
  5. Use the remaining two frames to create two alternative layouts for your section using your saved Text Styles. 

Helpful Hints

  • Text in pink in the provided copy does not go in your final exercise, it is just there to tell you what each piece of text is
  • This exercise combines many of the skills you have learned thus far—typography, layout & grids, and typesetting. You must think about how they are all related.
  • Explore type styles a a lot before saving them to the document Text Styles
  • You should also use grey boxes as image placeholders. This will help you fully layout your intended vision in the form of a rough wireframe.

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