Unit 1: Intro to Design
Unit 2: Figma Fundamentals
Unit 3: The Creative Process
Unit 4: Color Theory
Unit 5: Introduction to Illustrator
Unit 6: Typography
Unit 7: Layout
Unit 8: Typesetting
Unit 9: User Interface Design
Unit 10: Design Systems
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Finding and Downloading Fonts

Where to Find Fonts

When you’re first starting out with typography and experimenting with various fonts, it is best to stick to a couple highly trusted font repositories.

Your system fonts (the fonts that come on your computer), as well as Google Fonts and Adobe Fonts are great places to find and download or activate fonts to use during this course.

Fonts on both Adobe and Google have open usage—meaning you do not need to pay for a license to use them in your work.

There are lots of other marketplaces, communities, and foundries to find and buy fonts from, but just be cautious of license limitations when you do choose to seek fonts outside of Adobe or Google.

Adobe Fonts

It’s very simple to use Adobe Fonts since it is a part of your CC subscription. All you need to do is click ‘Add a Family’ on a font you want, and it will automatically sync with your Creative Cloud programs.

Note that syncing Adobe Fonts will not appear in your Figma program.

Google Fonts

Google Fonts work very similarly to Adobe, in that you can filter and search for styles very easily. After you’ve selected a font you’d like you will need to download that font and install it.

Note that Google Fonts appear automatically in Figma.

Fonts in Use

Fonts In Use is an incredible resource for typographic reference as well as design reference in general. It is essentially an encyclopedia of fonts and how they have been used in design across time.

Find inspiration for what fonts to use in what instances and how to choose fonts for various moods, tones, or styles.

Read the history and background of various typefaces.

Use Fonts in Use to help you find great type pairing to utilize in your own design work.


Wordmark is a great resource for new experienced designers alike. It is a website that enables you to see all the fonts currently on your local system. This is a great place to begin any project involving typography, as you can get a quick sense for the fonts you already have available to you.

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