Unit 1: Intro to Design
Unit 2: Figma Fundamentals
Unit 3: The Creative Process
Unit 4: Color Theory
Unit 5: Introduction to Illustrator
Unit 6: Typography
Unit 7: Layout
Unit 8: Typesetting
Unit 9: User Interface Design
Unit 10: Design Systems
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Exercise 02: Creating UI Elements


Download the Exercise Figma file here titled ‘UI Exercises 2-3. Then, navigate to ‘Exercise 02: Creating UI Elements’.

Using the provided wireframe versions of each element, create two variations introducing principles of User Interface design. This means you can take liberties with color, type, radiuses, scale of elements, ratios, etc.

You can duplicate the provided elements OR create your own from scratch.

Helpful tips:

  • You must do more than just apply color—this is your chance to create your own version of these elements using UI, so be creative.
  • Be inspired by UI elements you’ve seen and interacted with on websites or applications you like.
  • This is an exploratory and open ended exercise, but it is important to keep best practices in mind.


Assignment Submission
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