Unit 1: Intro to Design
Unit 2: Figma Fundamentals
Unit 3: The Creative Process
Unit 4: Color Theory
Unit 5: Introduction to Illustrator
Unit 6: Typography
Unit 7: Layout
Unit 8: Typesetting
Unit 9: User Interface Design
Unit 10: Design Systems
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Repetition helps in creating a unity which boosts understanding and recognition. Style repetition provides consistency across the website which leads to a unified web design.

Repetition of some elements like fonts, colors, shapes or sizes throughout the entire composition clearly defines the visual hierarchy of any design. At times repetition is used to give elements a new meaning altogether.

In this example, the designer used repetition of recipe card designs to show a stream of delicious-looking recipes. If it was just one small plate of food, we wouldn’t be as drawn as we are to the grid of plates, showing variation in the recipes of the meals they offer.

Repetition is especially useful for brands that rely on content, such as cooking websites, TV show/movie websites, blogs, music streaming sites, news sites etc.

It’s important to note that repetition does not equal visual monotony. The use of repetition is a design decision made based on equal weight of content importance, in which repetition actually serves the purpose of the content.

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