Unit 11: Intro to Photoshop
Unit 12: Design Accessibility
Unit 13: Product Design Thinking
Unit 14: User Experience Design
Unit 16: Introduction to Design Portfolios
Unit 17: Portfolio Development
Unit 18: Personal Branding
Unit 19: Case Studies
Unit 20: Portfolio Website Design
Unit 21: Career Coaching
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Project: Identify the Red Routes for Your Project Based On Your Affinity Map


Identify red routes based on your user research. What are the critical tasks of your product that deliver the most value to your users?


Your affinity mapping exercise may provide you with additional insights into the kind of tasks customers are going to find the most value in your product.


  1. A red routes diagram for your project in a shareable link format. You can use Figma or FigJam for this to save time.
Assignment Submission
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