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Project: Create Persona(s) From Your Research Results


Create user persona(s) from your for your main target customers from your research results. What archetype(s) of users for your product can you identify?


User personas are not real people, but they read like real people based on the synthesis of your user research results.

Sometimes UX design teams don’t have time or need to create user persona(s) and that is also okay. It is one of the tools available for designers to clarify target audience.

Only include relevant profile details – do not include demographic information that is not relevant to the project. For example, if a persona’s marital status is irrelevant, you may choose to omit it.

Sometimes you need more than one persona profile – you may find that your product has several target customer segments, in which case you need to create several personas for. But always be clear which persona is your primary – in other words, who are your main customers?


  1. A document with your user persona(s) and share the link with your instructor next time you meet for a session.
Assignment Submission
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