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Unit 16: Introduction to Design Portfolios
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Project, Step 9: Create A Usability Testing Plan and Conduct Testing


Create a plan to conduct usability testing for your product. Write down tasks that users are supposed to accomplish during testing based on your problem statements. Write down benchmark parameters such as error rates and time for completion to measure success or failure during testing.

Based on your plan, recruit users—this can be family or friends—for testing and brief them with tasks to be accomplished before conducting testing.


It’s important that you do not lead your testers. Do not tell them where to click or how to do something, they should be able to figure this out based on your prompt.

For example, provide a prompt like “Could you navigate to your profile?” and watch them try to locate and navigate to their profile. If they can’t figure out how to successfully do this, you know you’ve failed. If they quickly and easily find it, you’re successful.

Set a certain amount of time to conduct your tests, for example maybe you conduct 10 minute testing sessions with each of your users.


  1. A document with your usability testing plan
  2. A document with your testing results and synthesis after testing has been completed
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