Unit 11: Intro to Photoshop
Unit 12: Design Accessibility
Unit 13: Product Design Thinking
Unit 14: User Experience Design
Unit 16: Introduction to Design Portfolios
Unit 17: Portfolio Development
Unit 18: Personal Branding
Unit 19: Case Studies
Unit 20: Portfolio Website Design
Unit 21: Career Coaching
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Project: Set Up Your Design System in Elementor


Based on your personal branding color palette and typography styles, set up your design systems in Elementor. Define your global typography hierarchy, assign colors to usage that you foresee you will need for your site, and create button and link styles that you foresee will be used repeatedly.


  • Design systems are always preliminary in the early stages of a design project. Don’t feel that you will be married to the style you set up now. You can always make changes when it becomes necessary later.
  • But keep in mind that once you make a change, all instances associated with this style will be automatically updated as well. Make sure you are intentional when you associate any design styling options with global settings.


  • Save your settings in Elementor and show it to your instructor next time you meet with them.


Assignment Submission
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