Unit 11: Intro to Photoshop
Unit 12: Design Accessibility
Unit 13: Product Design Thinking
Unit 14: User Experience Design
Unit 16: Introduction to Design Portfolios
Unit 17: Portfolio Development
Unit 18: Personal Branding
Unit 19: Case Studies
Unit 20: Portfolio Website Design
Unit 21: Career Coaching
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Project: Build A Template For Your Case Study Page in Elementor


Build a page template for your case study in Elementor.


  • You may not have a fully-fledged design for your case study page yet and that is okay. Take inspiration from other portfolio sites and borrow some of their layouts for this assignment if you are not quite ready.
  • You can always change the template later when you have a more fully-formed design. Templates are not global settings, unlike your global colors, links, button styles, and typography styles, which means if you update your template, it won’t update anything else. Think of it as more of a recipe – the pages you already “cooked” will remain the same, but any future pages you create can use that template as a recipe in the new layout. You need to manually update your old pages if you decide to change anything.
  • Don’t forget to optimize it responsively by going through all 3 views.


  • Save your case study template build in Elementor and show it to your instructor the next time you meet with them.


Assignment Submission
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