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Exercise 1: Accessibility Audit

Check out this accessibility mistakes demo site from University of Washington. Conduct an accessibility audit finding examples (screenshots) of inaccessible elements in the following areas:

  • Color contrast
  • Images
  • Text
  • Navigation
  • Forms
  • Video and Audio

Please refrain from checking out the link in the site where it points to answers for accessibility issues while doing this exercise. But you may refer to it after finishing the exercise to learn more.

Next, let’s take the accessibility hunt to the real world. Check out the L’Oreal website and find accessibility issues in the same categories that you did for the demo site.

Mark up screenshots in Figma with text annotations of what accessibility issues correspond with each.

Finally, please explain how you propose to fix these accessibility issues.


After you are finished, save your Figma link for your review sessions when you will be discussing your assignment with your chosen expert design instructor. They will provide their email for you to share access to them and may ask you to screen share your desktop to show them your work.

Assignment Submission
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