Unit 11: Intro to Photoshop
Unit 12: Design Accessibility
Unit 13: Product Design Thinking
Unit 14: User Experience Design
Unit 16: Introduction to Design Portfolios
Unit 17: Portfolio Development
Unit 18: Personal Branding
Unit 19: Case Studies
Unit 20: Portfolio Website Design
Unit 21: Career Coaching
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Duration of Animation

Animations which happen too quickly can also be troublesome for users with accessibility needs (and probably anyone who wants to process the presented information).

The ideal duration of time depends on the relative size of the animation to the screen. What is okay for a smaller animation might be too fast for a larger one. It can be a good idea to use different durations for different viewport sizes as well.

You can also define the number of times an animation cycle is played. Keep in mind to avoid setting infinite loops for animations as they are not very good for accessibility. Especially, if you don’t provide any way for users to stop or pause the animation whenever they choose, because that violates the principles of letting users have control over what they see or hear.

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